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Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright, and Competition Law

Research on foreign and international patent, utility model and trade mark law, copyright and design law, competition and antitrust law; Academic categorization of the law concerning international contracts in the filed of industrial property and copyright law; Opinion on planned revisions of international contracts and on newly concluded international agreements with particular emphasis on the problems of developing countries; participation in the process of assimilation and harmonization worldwide and in Europe, in the development of the law of the European Union; Research on basic problems and questions concerning intellectual property rights in the context of economic, social ant technical development

The Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright, and Competition Law was established in 1966 and emerged from the Institute of Industrial Property and Copyright Law at the University of Munich, founded in 1952. Both institutes remain closely linked at the organizational level. Whereas the university institute is primarily concerned with German law and teaching, the Max Planck Institute sees its research activity in the area of foreign and international law, and comparative law. Other areas of law dealt with at the institute include inventor's right, patent law, utility model law, design patent law, copyright, copyright contract law, trademark law and trade name law, the right to fair competition, and the related field of cartel law. In addition to the systematic compilation and analysis of these legal fields on a worldwide basis, the institute places priority on the field of international law, particularly with regard to European Community law and the numerous previously agreed upon international treaties. The institute is currently working on a number of projects particularly worthy of mention, including industrial property protection and copyright within the World Trade Organization, biotechnology and patent law, copyright in the context of modern digital technology, new systematic trademark law, competition law and consumer protection law in the age of globalization, assessment of certain forms of advertising in terms of competition law, i.e., comparative advertising and telemarketing, and industrial property protection and copyright in certain regions, particularly in eastern and central Europe, southeast Asia, Latin America, and Arabic speaking countries. The institute is organized into departments according to region and specialty area.

The institute publishes two journals in addition to five periodicals. Members of the institute also publish books independently. The institute maintains approximately 50 fellowship recipients and, in cooperation with the university institute, supervises nearly 100 dissertations. The combined libraries of the Max Planck Institute and university contain nearly 140,000 volumes.

The institute cooperates with numerous research institutions, both in Germany and abroad, as well as with German, European, and international organizations. It is involved in the further development of those areas of law of concern to the institute.

In view of the planned new appointments in the management of the institute, it is possible that a reorientation of research activities will occur, which might include the field of general cartel law or of media law.

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1999: 52 employees, including 22 scientists; as well as 127 junior and guest scientists

Scientific Member and Research Interests

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Gerhard Schricker (copyright, trademark law, competition law)


From the gramophone (patent number 1911), to the CD.

Technological progress is constantly presenting new challenges to intellectual property laws.